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Fig. 6.

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Fig. 6. (A) Low-power view shows an invasive solid mass (deep violet color part), which is infiltrating to surrounding skeletal muscle and fat tissue (H&E stain, ×10). (B) One area of the tumor shows an entrapped normal peripheral nerve among the sarcoma cells. This area shows that the morphology of the sarcoma spindle tumor cells are similar to normal nerve spindle cells (H&E stain, ×200). (C) At other areas, most spindle tumor cells show prominently irregular arrangement and severe pleomorphic histology (H&E stain, ×200). (D) On immunohistochemical study, the tumor cells are positive for S-100 protein (neural origin marker). The brown-colored cells means positive immunoreactivity (S-100 immunostain, ×200). (E) On immunohistochemical study, other markers other than S-100 protein show no brown coloration, which means negative immunoreactivity (HMB-45 immunostain, ×200).
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