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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Overview of Studies Assessing the Dimensions of ITCL, CL, and ACaL

Study No. of specimens ITCL (mm) CL (mm) ACaL (mm)
Cahill16) 5 embalmed Length: 15Width: 5.6Thickness: 1.6 Length: 19.6Width: 11.6Thickness: 2.8 NS
Jotoku et al.17) 40 embalmed BandtypeLength: 10.0±3.5Width: 8.5±2.7Thickness: 2.3±0.7 NS Length: 8.3±1.6Width: 8.3±1.7Thickness: 1.4±0.4
FantypeLength: 7.5±2.1Width: 11.0±1.3Thickness: 3.0
Multiple typeLength: 7.0Width: 8.5Thickness: 3.0
Li et al.18) 32 fresh-frozen Length: 10.6±1.2Width: 7.5±1.2Thickness: 1.5±0.2 Length: 13.3±1.9Width: 9.5±1.6Thickness: 2.6±0.5 Length: 13.6±2.0Width: 10.1±1.4Thickness: 2.4±0.3
Clanton et al.19) 14 fresh-frozen NS Length: 15.2 NS
Poonja et al.20) 26 formalin-fixed NS Anterior length: 8.27±2.52Superior: 0.62±0.24Inferior: 0.70±0.26 NS
Posterior length: 13.95±5.96Superior: 1.05±0.30Inferior: 1.20±0.34Width: 9.15±2.45
Yamaguchi et al.21) 21 embalmed Footprint calcaneum included medial root IERWidth: 16.8±1.8 Footprint calcaneumWidth: 7.2±2.3Length: 10.8±2.7 NS
Michels et al.15) 16 fresh-frozen LengthLateral: 9.1±1.9Medial: 7.5±1.7 LengthAnterior: 13.9±1.5Posterior: 18.5±2.9 LengthLateral: 11.4±1.0Medial: 6.9±1.0
WidthTalar: 13.3±4.7Calcaneal: 10.1±2.3Thickness: 1.1±0.9 WidthTalar: 13.6±2.2Calcaneal: 15.8±3.7Thickness: 1.7±0.7 WidthTalar: 10.1±2.0Calcaneal: 12.1±2.4

Values are presented as mean only or mean±standard deviation.

ITCL: interosseous talocalcaneal ligament, CL: cervical ligament, ACaL: anterior capsular ligament, NS: not stated, IER: inferior external retinaculum.

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