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J Korean Foot Ankle Soc 2018;22:83-134
Review Articles
Ligament Repair in Chronic Lateral Ankle Instability: Efficacy and Technique of Broström Procedures
Bi O Jeong, Yeok Gu Hwang
J Korean Foot Ankle Soc 2018;22:83-90
Indications of Lateral Ankle Ligament Reconstruction with a Free Tendon and Associated Evidence
Hwa-Jun Kang, Hong-Geun Jung
J Korean Foot Ankle Soc 2018;22:91-94
Original Articles
The Risk Factors Associated with Nonunion after Surgical Treatment for Distal Fibular Fractures
Jun Young Lee, Kwi Youn Choi, Sinwook Kang, Kang Yeol Ko
J Korean Foot Ankle Soc 2018;22:95-99
Efficacy of a Knee Walker for Foot and Ankle Patients: Comparative Study with an Axillary Crutch
Jae Hwang Song, Chan Kang, Sang Bum Kim, Youn Moo Heo, You Gun Won, Sang Jin Jung, Hyung Jin Chung
J Korean Foot Ankle Soc 2018;22:100-104
Effects of Beraprost Sodium Evaluated by Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging in Diabetic Patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease
Hyun Woo Park, Jae Wan Soh, Seong Hyeon Park, Jae Jung Jeong
J Korean Foot Ankle Soc 2018;22:105-110
Gutter Splint for Ingrown Toe Nail in Young Patients
Yong-Woon Shin, Su-Young Bae, Sang Jun Ahn
J Korean Foot Ankle Soc 2018;22:111-115
Case Reports
Chronic Multiple Gouty Arthritis Diagnosed during Anti-Tuberculosis Treatment of Recurrent Tuberculous Arthritis: A Case Report
Hyun Cheol Oh, Yoon Jung Choi, Joong Won Ha, Sang Hoon Park, Sang Hee Kim, Han Kook Yoon
J Korean Foot Ankle Soc 2018;22:116-119
Chopart Joint Fracture and Dislocation: A Report of Three Cases
Sung-Hyun Kim, Jae Wan Suh, Hyun-Woo Park
J Korean Foot Ankle Soc 2018;22:120-126
Anterior Lateral Thigh Free Flap and Achilles Tendon Reconstruction Surgery for Contact Dermal Burn of Heel Including Achilles Tendon: A Case Report -Surgical Treatment for Functional Recovery-
Jun-Sik Park, Seung-Ha Baek, Gab-Lae Kim
J Korean Foot Ankle Soc 2018;22:127-130
Sural Nerve Entrapment and Tenosynovitis of Peroneus Longus by Hypertrophied Peroneal Tubercle: A Case Report
Dong Joo Lee, Jun Young Choi, Jin Soo Suh
J Korean Foot Ankle Soc 2018;22:131-134
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Hak Jun Kim, MD, PhD
Professor, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery,
Korea University Guro Hospital,
Seoul, Korea
Supramalleolar Osteotomy in Patients with Varus Ankle Osteoarthritis
Lee, Woo-Chun;Kim, Jung-Rae
Received July 19, 2011; Accepted August 16, 2011.
Endoscopy versus Open Bursectomy of Lateral Malleolar Bursitis; Comparative Study
Choi, Jae-Hyuck;Kim, Jeong-Ryoul;Kim, Dong-Hyun;Chung, Woo-Chull;Yoon, Jung-Ro;Oh, Seong-Rok;Lee, Kyung-Tai
Received April 13, 2011; Accepted May 11, 2011.
Bunionette Deformity
Kim, Yoon-Chung;Ahn, Jae Hoon
Received January 18, 2013; Accepted February 14, 2013.