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Aims and Scope

Journal of Korean Foot and Ankle Society is the official journal of Korean Foot and Ankle Society. An abbreviated title is J Korean Foot Ankle Soc. It is published quarterly on the 15th day of March, June, September, and December. Supplemental issues are at times published. The journal covers all fields of clinical and basic research related to the foot and ankle. All manuscripts, except the invited review articles, should be original and contribute to the diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle conditions. The types of manuscripts include original articles, review articles, case reports, technical reports, editorials, and correspondences.

About the Journal

Journal of Korean Foot and Ankle Society was launched in 1997. The initial title of the journal was Journal of the Korean Society of Foot Surgery (pISSN 1738-0367), and it was renamed as the Journal of Korean Foot and Ankle Society (pISSN 1738-3757) in June 2004. The online submission system of the journal was started in January 2014. Whole or a part of the articles in this journal are abstracted/indexed in KoreaMed, KoreaMed Synapse, KoMCI, Korean Citation Index (KCI), DOI/ Crossref, and Google Scholar.

Open Access

Journal of Korean Foot and Ankle Society is an open access journal. The person using this journal may use, reproduce, disseminate, or display the open access version of contents for non-commercial purposes. A free full-text service in PDF format and a detailed proprietary rights notice are available at

Manuscript Submission and Subscription Information

All manuscripts must be submitted online through our website ( The subscription price of this journal is 80,000 KRW (80.00 USD or equivalent) annually. For submission, subscription, and all other information, visit our website or please contact to the editorial office (

Publication Policy

  1. 학회지 발간 회수는 1년에 4회 발행을 원칙으로 하며, 발행일은 3월 15일, 6월 15일, 9월 15일, 12월 15일로 한다.
  2. 학회지 발행인은 학회장으로 한다.
  3. 본 학회지에 투고된 논문에 대한 저작권은 학회가 보유하며, 타 인쇄물에 사용될 경우 학회에 보고해야 한다.
  4. 제출된 원고는 심사 후 게재여부를 결정하고, 게재 순서는 게재확정의 기준으로 하되 심사진행 상황에 따라 편집위원회에서 그 순서를 조정할 수 있다.
  5. 심사가 완료된 경우이더라도 본 학회 투고규정을 철저히 따르지 않는 원고는 반려한다.
  6. 심사가 완료되어 편집위원회의 결정에 따라 게재가 확정된 원고의 경우 학회지로 출판시 인쇄본의 교정은 투고자가 직접 한다.
  7. 별쇄본은 투고자의 신청에 한하여 50부 이내로 제공한다.

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