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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

Clinical Data of the Patients

No.Age (yr)SexSportsActivityDiagnosisOperationTime to RTP (wk)
123FemaleSoccerAma.PB tearRepair12
223FemaleVolleyballAma.PB tearRepair8
329MaleSoccerPro.PL tearTenodesis12
416MaleSoccerAma.PB tearRepair12
520FemaleBasketballAma.PB tearRepair16
632FemaleBasketballPro.PB tearRepair16
729MaleSoccerPro.PB,PL tearTenodesis12
825FemaleBasketballPro.PL tearTenodesis12
926FemaleVolleyballPro.PL tearTenodesis12
1022MaleSoccerAma.PB, SPR tearRepair12

RTP: return to play, Ama.: amateur-level, Pro.: professional-level, PB: peroneus brevis tendon, PL: peroneus longus tendon, SPR: superior peroneal retinaculum.

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