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Table. 4.

Table. 4.

Evaluation of the Signal Intensity and Width Changes of the Anterior Talofibular Ligament

MRI measurement Preoperative Postoperative Unaffected side p-value* p-value
SNR 8.49±3.35 8.21±3.19 6.88±2.51 0.424 <0.001
Width of the ATFL (mm) 2.07±0.66 2.15±0.72 2.45±0.94 0.718 0.002

Values are presented as mean±standard deviation.

MRI: magnetic resonance imaging, SNR: signal-noise ratio, ATFL: anterior talofibular ligament.

*Comparison between preoperative and postoperative final follow-up (Mann–Whitney test).

Comparison between affected and unaffected side at postoperative final follow-up.

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