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Fig. 3.

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Fig. 3. Radiologic assessment. (A) Ankle lateral X-ray. Gissane angle, Böhler angle, and Gissane angle are formed by the downward and upward slopes of the calcaneal superior surface. Böhler angle is composed of a line drawn from the highest point of the anterior process of the calcaneus to the highest point of the posterior facet and a line drawn tangential to the superior edge of the tuberosity. (B) Ankle lateral X-ray: calcaneal height, calcaneal length. The calcaneal height and calcaneal length were measured at the highest and lowest length and the longest length from anterior to posterior in the lateral X-ray. (C) Calcaneal axial view. Calcaneal width calcaneal width measures the widest width including sustentaculum tali on calcaneal axial view.
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