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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Accelerated Rehabilitation Protocol after Broström Repair with Internal Brace Augmentation

0~2 days Control pain with PCA
Rest and elevation using short leg splint
Recommend PWB with crutches
3~14 days Start wearing ankle stirrup brace
Recommend WBAT with or without crutches
Active ankle ROM exercise without restriction of PF & DF
Discard crutches within 2 week
Skin sutures removed at 2 week
2~6 weeks Wear ankle brace during daytime
Recommend FWB
Resistive ankle ROM exercise using a rubber band
Peroneal strengthening exercise
6~12 weeks Discard ankle brace
One leg stance & heel raise exercise
Long distance walking, biking & swimming exercise
After 12 weeks Full exercise including contact sports

PCA: patient controlled anesthesia, PWB: partial weight bearing, WBAT: weight bearing as tolerated, ROM: range of motion, PF: plantar flexion, DF: dorsiflexion, FWB: full weight bearing.

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