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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Comparison of Postoperative Exercise Protocol of Two Groups

Immediate protocol (control) Delayed protocol (case)
POD 2 day Full weight-bearing walk with ROM CAM boot Partial weight-bearing walk with fixed CAM boot
Active ROM (0 to 20 PF with ROM CAM boot) No ROM exercise (fixed CAM boot)
POD 2 week Stitch out Stitch out, Full weight-bearing walk, passive ROM
POD 4 week ROM CAM boot remove, ordinary shoes ROM exercise
POD 6 week Muscle strengthening exercise Fixed CAM boot remove, ordinary shoes
ROM exercise, muscle strengthening exercise
POD 12 week ROM exercise, muscle strength exercise, running, sports

POD: postoperative day, ROM: range of motion, PF: plantar flexion, CAM: controlled ankle motion.

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